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The gear

By stromqvist 2013.10.08 in Uncategorized

I will start the blog with some info on the gear i use. You want as little gear as possible with you on your trip, but at the same time you want the functionality and comfort of alot of different gear. You want a rainproof jacket but that jacket will make you sweat if its to hot outside, so you need another jacket that is more suitable for warmer days… You get the point.

My thoughts

As more or less everyone else i use the “Layer Technique”. Basically you put on your clothes in different layers. Layer one is the first layer you put on and that layers task is to transport moist away from your body. Layer two is to keep you warm. Layer 3 is to keep out wind, water and snow.

I use the layer technique when its getting colder outside and i see no reason (and i dont think that’s the point) to use it during the summer. During the summer its warm enough to use a pair of pants and a shirt. And in your backpack you got a rain jacket in case it would start to rain. Rain pants is often overkill aswell during the summer, if you can fit a pair in your backpack without compromising something else, sure bring a pair.

If anyone would ask i could make a deeper dive into the Layer technique.

My Gear

I wont post all my gear here, i’ll post the stuff that someone else will possibly be interested in and able to buy. My layer one for example is a no name set which cost me 199kr at some local sport outlet.



This is my allround pants, i use it when im out fishing, in the kayak and all other activities i come across. I like them alot, mostly because of the comfort. They’re soft, but not to soft. They’re breathing really well. The adjustments you can do at the bottom legs are really usefull. I got some other pants aswell but theese ones are the one I like the most. Im thinking about getting a pair of Lundhags Traverse, i really like them but im not sure if i really need it.

I’ll leave it at that and make a new post about boots etc.


Hello world!

By stromqvist 2013.09.27 in Uncategorized

So this is my first post. Im just editing the “Hello World” post because I dont like it. I will start posting in the near future. I need to get everything up and running like i want it first. Not sure if I should write in english or swedish yet, we’ll see.

About Me
Mitt namn är Niklas Strömqvist tanken med den här bloggen är att kunna dels dokumentera men även att kunna dela med mig av mina upplevelser. Ämnen som jag kommer skriva om är fiske, paddling, vandring, hundträning, utrustning och säkert en hel del annat. Har skaffat en Australian Shepherd-valp som heter Mira som jag kommer ha med mig ut på mina äventyr. Förhoppningsvis kommer vi även börja tävla lydnad och agility. Så det kommer nog en hel del inlägg från våran träning också.
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